Hey coach Andy, Thank you for the opportunity to play on your team the past couple of summers. It was a great experience and I believe I'm a much better player because of it, hope you guys do well in the future. Ryan Sitter 2014 18U Royals
Ryan Sitter
Fox Valley Royals / 2013 & 2014
Coach Andy, Thank you for having me on the Royals these last 3 years...they have been the best years of baseball in my life. I really appreciate everything you have done for me these last 3 years. Thanks for teaching me and helping me improve my baseball skills! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for you. I will miss the Royals. Best wishes to your organization in future years . Thanks coach Andy! Jack Zandstra 2014 18U Royals
Jack Zandstra
Fox Valley Royals 2012-2014
Hello Fox Valley Team: The Ritchason family wanted to again thank you ALL for welcoming Danny to the Fox Valley Royals. This was his last season of tournament ball and very bittersweet for us! The end of last summer Danny decided he wanted to try to play for a new team. He immediately decided to tryout for the Royals as he heard good things about the program. This was such a great decision on his part because he enjoyed every minute of the season from the time winter practices started to the last inning of todays final game. We have made new friends along the way who also love the " All American Game" and the boys (young men) have all enriched Danny with spirit of teamwork and friendship. Please enjoy your sons' senior year because before you know it you will be sending them off to college 🙁 Coach Hernandez, you are a great leader and treated Danny with respect and fairness. He will take that so much farther in life then a baseball trophy! Parents, team and Coach thanks again for making our final season so enjoyable and memorable. Good luck next year! God Bless Go Royals! Bryon and Lisa Ritchason
Bryon and Lisa Ritchason
I've been coaching for 10 years and my first coaching position was in 1998 for the Royals program as an Assistant Coach. I coached in the program for 3 years from 1998 - 2000 with Andy Bisceglia and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my coaching career. My time with the Royals helped me realize my love of coaching and made me pursue the goal of becoming a Head Coach. To anyone reading this I want to let you know that coach Andy Bisceglia is one the very best coaches I have ever seen. I learned an incredible amount from him during my time with the Royals and he runs a first class program. I highly recommend the Royals program for any talented player who truly wants reach their potential and for any parents who truly want the best for their son.
David Foerster
Head Varsity Baseball Coach / Elgin High School
When I played in the Royals program from 1998 - 2000 I considered it a privilege and I have some great memories of those years with the team and coach Andy. I believe the exposure I received with the Royals program greatly assisted me with my goal of becoming a Division 1 pitcher at the University of Iowa. Coach Andy is my mentor and friend and is a big reason I'm where I am today, coaching at Division 1 University of Iowa. For any parent who wants their son to succeed on and off the field there is nothing I recommend more than the Royals program. If you are a young player who truly desires a future in baseball the Royals program is the place to be, and I know first hand. I welcome any prospective player or parent who is considering the Royals program to send me an email with any questions you may have on my experiences with the team and why I highly recommend it. chris-maliszewski@iowabaseball.com
Chris Maliszewski
Assistant Baseball Coach / University of Iowa
To me being a being part of the Royals was a way of life and for 6 years from 1995 - 2000, I was very proud to be a Royal. My time with the Royals and coach Andy was without a doubt one of the most rewarding and beneficial times of my life. I made many great new friends during my time with the Royals and still see them regularly. I believe my development with the Royals was one of the main reasons I achieved my goal of becoming a Division 1 baseball player. I realized a dream when I received a scholarship to play at one of the best college baseball programs in the country, Arizona State University. I highly recommend the Royals program to any player who wants to be the best and play with the best.
Ryan McKenna
Arizona State University Class of 2004